tokens 2016


This is list of tokens for 2016 please not use more tokens in same days of tokens to blocked for chatroulette thanks you!


source : Tool chatroulette tokens generator

chatroulette tokens list 2015

This list is public one to month, please not use more tokens in same days of tokens to blocked for chatroulette thanks you!

April 2015 (last tokens work on) please not use more tokens in same day tokens all blocked

- 394767363436791 Chatroulette verification code: 84003
- 394700360434791 Chatroulette verification code: 84041
- 394167262432792 Chatroulette verification code: 84090
- 394662365431794 Chatroulette verification code: 84026
- 394096364436795 Chatroulette verification code: 84006
- 394261361433790 Chatroulette verification code: 84039
- 394760360236796 Chatroulette verification code: 84014
- 394860367335792 Chatroulette verification code: 84006
- 394063362439742 Chatroulette verification code: 84024
- 394163368430716 Chatroulette verification code: 84036
- 394264365432700 Chatroulette verification code: 84022
- 394365364430791 Chatroulette verification code: 84047
- 394766363432594 Chatroulette verification code: 84051

remember not used all in same day!!!! if you try all tokens, the system chatroulette blocked all tokens !!! PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

Chatroulette premium tokens private

Chatroulette premium codes allow you to select the gender and location of your partner on Chatroulette, but the price of $10 for 100 tokens or $50 for 500 tokens makes them very expensive. I have found a way to generate new codes but copyright law makes it illegal for me to sell my generator for money. I have therefore decided to give this software away for free.

Once you understand the algorithmic composition of Chatroulette premium tokens, generating new codes is easy. Each generator is able to produce 100 tokens a day. I have put this limit in place so as to not overwhelm the system; in other words, if everyone was able to generate unlimited numbers of tokens, the codes would become useless and you'd just be finding other guys on Chatroulette again. This makes it fair.

Chatroulette token generator 2013

Hi,. this is old version but the same working you get obtain 15% of token work ok ! try luck !

How To Get Your Premium Account On ChatRoulette (token's)?

Chatroulette is a service where you can meet new people with webcam and mic. Unfortunatelly, you must have premium account to specify gender or country.
It costs a lot.
$10 or $50 
But we have a solution 
Chatroulette Premium Token Generator !

Chat roulette token generator

Hi, i to enjoy free token on chat roulette for premium use, this the best method of 2015 for get a free tokens for you.

How to get free tokens :

I can get a chat roulette token generator calculator and, open select your $10 or $50 token amount.


Premium Token Generator

click link wait 5 seconds, and click button (skipadd)
password        : tokenschat
Downloadlink :

Chaturbate tokens

It's other tool for tokens how use ?
  • insert your username
  • select your browser
  • select tokens for you (100, 200, 500...)
  • click to add tokens


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